Door to Door Distribution 2017-11-01T09:35:37+00:00

Select your area and distribution date!

Reliable and effective, we will deliver your flyer directly to your target market.

Statistics and demographics of your target areas can be provided

Cost effective and ideal for small or large quantities of flyers

We do not batch flyers – We only distribute for one client at a time!

A network of distribution teams are deployed, each with a team leader.

Maps of the target area are used, and marked off, to ensure every street is covered during the distribution process.

We do not use any adhesives, like sticky tape, as these may damage the paintwork and/or deface properties.

Flyers are strategically placed to make them easy for the resident to retrieve.

The knock and drop distribution method is very effective when the target market is aimed at a specific area.

It is used to reach all homes within designated suburbs.